S  P  E  C  I  A  L    R  I  S  K  S

Nowadays there is 1 Yottabyte of information available on the internet. Over 3,000 million users, over 22,500 million connected devices, 43,639 Petabytes of data traffic online in 2015. Every year cyber-criminals move more than $575,000 million and because of this the idea of cybernetic control is becoming more and more an illusion. The ample variety of existing Cyber-Risks, as well as its rapid evolution and change, makes it difficult for products to cover the entirety of the risk. In facing this exponentially changing situation it is convenient to be able to count on consultancy that can act as a guide and that can allow us to find, together with the company, the product that best fits your casuistry

Political Risk

In the field of international business, it is crucial for a company to know, evaluate and somehow foresee political risks
that they may have to face when developing their activities in other countries.
Political risk cover is protection against measures taken by sovereign governments that damage foreign investors or exporters and that put the success of projects in developing countries in danger. Issues such as currency inconvertibility, cancellation of licences, wars, natural disasters, etc. can impede the recuperation of credit.

Second tier/Coinsurance/Reinsurance cover is an insurance market alternative
that complements conventional cover in those cases in which the limits of the latter are insufficient.

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