Civil Liability:
general, professional and of employers,
administrators and directors

The elevated rise in the requirement of liability that professionals and businesses have experienced in recent years, as well as the new legislation on the matter, has generated a growing demand for civil liability insurance, be it to protect the employees, independent professionals, corporate assets, or administrators and senior managers of an organization. The answer to this demand has materialized in the form of civil liability policies that protect the assets of companies and professionals against claims due to errors or omissions committed during the conduct of business.

Material damages

At Guardia e Yñigo we protect your assets. For 25 years we have been improving day by day,
applying innovative solutions and evolving in line with new emerging business models.


The boom of multimodal transport, both nationally and internationally, has brought about the construction of loading “terminals” to facilitate the flow of goods between different modes of transport (ships, aeroplanes, trucks, railways, etc.) which implies a greater risk and responsibility for the sector. We offer comprehensive consultancy and management of risks for passenger and freight transport. We will help you study the specific risks and offer systems to cover your needs.

Surety Bonds
The perfect tool
to make your business grow

Surety helps businesses guarantee their legal or contractual obligations with a third party. We design customized surety bonds that offer protection for your work or service contracts, be they with the public administration or between private businesses, both national and international. It is the perfect substitute for the traditional bank guarantee.
With a security bond it is possible to reduce costs, not immobilize financial resources and improve your borrowing capacity by not being considered in the CIRBE.


To protect both your expatriated workers and those that are not.
Specific insurance policies for Expatriates.
• Healt. The landscape of healthcare is changing and creating new opportunities
Combining our experience and knowledge of the legislations and of the risks with technological platforms, we create innovative services and solutions based on the transformation of health programmes that allow employees to know their precise options and give the companies a tool with which to control sick leave.
• Travel assistance. We avoid you having to give notice of each journey,
we insure your external collaborators and, for areas with personal risks, we provide a seizure guarantee.
• Life and accident.
• Temporary disability of essential professionals,
allowing the company to employ a substitute during leave.
• Remuneration for objectives and/or for longevity within the company.

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