“Desde los inicios en 1993, Guardia e Yñigo se propuso ser un referente cultural en el sector, compartiendo conocimientos del ámbito asegurador, así como de su interacción con los entornos jurídico y tributario. Un objetivo ambicioso, que se alcanza con el talento y el esfuerzo de todas las personas que componen el equipo, y el empeño diario en identificar la mejor solución para cada cliente.”
"Since its beginnings in 1993, Guardia e Yñigo has set out to be a cultural reference point in the sector, sharing its knowledge of insurance as well as interacting with its legal and fiscal surroundings. An ambitious aim, one that can be achieved with the talent and effort of everyone that makes up the team and a daily commitment to finding the best solution for each client".

Insurance and risks in international business activity February 15, 2017

1st Training Event

Club Financiero Génova, Madrid

On 15 February, GUARDIA E YÑIGO organised the training event “Insurance and risks in international business activity” at the Club, sponsored by our partner HDI Global SE.
This event was the result of the Broker’s vocation for counselling. It was attended by managers and representatives of 20 companies that develop their activity internationally.

The speakers present were:
Sonia Gumpert Melgosa, Lawyer, Chairwoman of the Madrid Bar Association.
Purificación Yñigo de los Ríos, Associate – Technical Director at Guardia e Yñigo, C.S.
Manuel Fernández González de Torres, Doctor in Economics, Tax Adviser, Tax Inspector, on leave.
Santiago Martín Gil, Lawyer, ex-Director of HDI Global SE.